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Di on bikeTo celebrate her 50th birthday, Diane Lea rode her bicycle 50 miles a day, for 50 days, to promote awareness for 50 different Causes! Each day of the Ride spotlighted specific Cause for that day. The Ride began 6/18/16 in San Diego, CA and ended 8/20/16 in Pensacola, FL.
2500 miles completed!
Our mission statement is simply:

We are cycling to promote awareness and encourage action for these 50 Causes.

Diane tells the story of how the 50 Causes Ride was born

A couple of years before my 50th birthday I started thinking of what I might do to celebrate, and as I was narrowing down my options, I decided that I really wanted it to be a “Reverse Birthday” and do something for other people. The 50 Causes Ride is my birthday gift to others. Preparing for this Ride was challenging in many ways but I was so excited and honored to be able to accomplish this.