Worldwide Education for Girls

Worldwide Education for Girls

“Let Girls Learn” is a US government initiative launched to ensure that adolescent girls get the education they deserve. Around the world, girls face complex physical, cultural, and financial barriers in accessing education. As a girl grows older the fight to get an education becomes even more difficult. Her family must be willing to pay school fees. She may have a long, unsafe walk to school. She may be forced to marry. And she often lacks the support she needs to learn.

We know that educating girls can transform lives, families, communities, and entire countries. When girls are educated, they lead healthier and more productive lives. They gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence to break the cycle of poverty and help strengthen their societies. It’s time to Let Girls Learn.

Girl Rising uses storytelling to inspire action that gets girls into classrooms worldwide.

Mission: Educating girls in the developing world can transform families, communities, and entire countries – and break the cycle of poverty in just one generation.

Project KHEL uses play and interactive methods to transform adolescents into positive agents of change within their communities.