Day 3 FSHD & Day 4 Bullying

Wow, what a world wind these last two days have been! Up before the sun and to bed after sunset, which is late in CA right now.

June 20, day 3 was a lot smoother ride for Diane. Her 50 mile ride was along Mission Bay in San Diego. The cool breeze off the water was welcomed.

Diane featured FSH Muscular Dystrophy on the first World FSHD Day. Shout out to Amy and Ann who suffer from FSHD.

We left San Diego at 4pm June 20th and arrived in Ocotillo about 6pm. Our host Tracey was exceptional. We visited the Lazy Lizard. Rose and Larry welcomed us with open arms. We took photos with the Lizard!
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The 50 mile ride for Day 4 is Bullying. Please visit and like for The Silent, an advocacy group for Bullying.

Diane rode Hwy 98 in southern CA through the Yuma Desert and some incredibly scenic territory. The heat wave held off as Diane began her ride at 6am PMT and ended at 9:50am PMT. There was welcomed cloud coverage for the entire ride.

As Diane completed the 50 miles, the sun came out as we made our way to El Centro in the RV.

El Centro is the winter practice city for my beloved Blue Angels!

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Liz Watkins, 50 Causes Ride Team Member

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